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Doctor Claude CHAUCHARD

Founder, Chairman & CEO of “La Clinique De Paris”


One of the world's top specialists in preventive medicine for aging


"As a doctor and a practitioner of anti-aging therapy I am totally committed to the battle against the diseases of aging, and enabling all of us to live better and longer lives making full use of all that is best in our genetic makeup." - Doctor Claude Chauchard




  • Born on August 27th, 1945 in Rodez, South of France
  • Doctorate in Endocrinology, Biology and Sports Medicine from the University of Montpellier, France
  • Founder of the “International Institute for Preventive Anti-aging Medicine”
  • President of “Asia Pacific Academy of Anti-aging Medicine”
  • Dr Chauchard is widely recognized in the academic world: (i) former Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier (1974-1979), one of the best Faculties of Medicine in Europe, (ii) lecturer at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine TCM, (iii) Clinical Professor of Medical College at the Korea University in Seoul and (iv) gives regular lectures and seminars all around the globe: Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Brussels, Monte Carlo, Rio De Janeiro, Geneva and other major cities.
  • Dr Chauchard also conducts worldwide communication campaigns to promote his anti-aging philosophy and know-how for the benefits of all. He has signed a Joint-Venture with (i) EuroMediCom, the reference for events dedicated to anti-Aging Medicine, Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery, and (ii) Informa, one of the largest intelligence and events group listed in the UK. Dr Chauchard is a regular speaker at international summits on anti-aging – for instance, he will be one of the main speakers at: (i) the “Singapore Anti-aging Medicine Asian Congress» in September 2014, (ii) the “Anti Aging Medicine & Spa China» in Beijing, October 2014, and (iii) the «1st AMWC - Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress - Latin America”, in Colombia, November 2014.
  • Author of more than fifteen books in the field of aging and anti-aging process, with over one million copies sold in different languages including English, French, Chinese, Korean, Japane